Tuesday, October 9, 2018

St. Petersburg, Florida - Part 6

We spent the 4th of July at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort where my mom and step-dad are members. We first went in the morning to swim and eat a light lunch at the Alfresco Casual Dining area. They make a good burger and fries there. We went back for an elegant dinner at the formal restaurant and to watch St. Pete's fireworks from the Alfresco area. Unfortunately, the fireworks were cancelled that night as there was some wind and rain. Since I don't like my posts getting too long, I'll be sharing the dinner pics next week.

One wing of the hotel has some history about the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club with photos and original pieces like dishes and silverware previously used before the renovation. There's also a small exhibit of Chihuly's glass art. I'll be sharing photos of the impressive Chihuly Collection in the near future.

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Chihuly glass art

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