Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Springfield Wine Estate

A couple of weekends ago we were in Robertson for school sports. We had time on our hands between Amanda's two netball games and so we went wine tasting. We were recently introduced to Springfield's wines by a friend who gave us two bottles of their reds. He told us it was his favorite wine in Robertson and that the estate was worth a visit.

We are so glad that we popped in on that cold morning. The sun came out over the valley and inside the wine tasting room a fire was blazing. We were very impressed with everything and would highly recommend it to anyone. There are lots of interesting tidbits for me to share, so keep on reading!

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Trust me, it's worth it!

As we drove into the estate, Felix, the Anatolian Shepherd greeted us. Actually, Amanda greeted him. He just lay there and allowed us to pet him. We also took a peek at his name tag. I later found the Springfield blog and learned that Felix has an important role at the estate. He guards his owners' herd of Springbok at night from wild animals.

Wine tasting at Springfield was a real treat. We could walk around and take in the views with wine in hand. Springfield Estate produces boutique wines using traditional wine-making methods. The present generation of winemakers is a brother-sister team, Abrie and Jeanette Bruwer. Most of their wines are fermented using natural wild yeasts found on the grape skins. This is a high-risk way of making wine and sometimes means losing an entire vintage, but they are willing to take that risk to produce exceptional wines.

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