Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tulbagh Wine Valley - Part 2

Moniki Chocolatier and
Home Industry

Robbie and I, along with our youngest child, Amanda, spent the morning and afternoon in Tulbagh, South Africa. Before we headed to our first wine estate for the day, we stopped in at the Moniki Chocolatier and Home Industry on Church Street for coffee and handmade chocolates. I shared some photos of the beautiful Cape Dutch homes and the flowering gardens along this street in Part 1.

Amanda choosing from the handmade chocolates

Our filter coffee (in a French press) and
a selection of Moniki chocolates

This painting has text in Afrikaans. It says,
"Don't protect yourself with a fence,
but rather with friends."

A painting with text that says,
"Your Beliefs don't make you a
better person... your Behaviour does!"

Fancy bears for sale

Pretty soaps for sale

The Home Industry on Church Street
(the Moniki chocolates are at the other end)


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Tina Morley
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