Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Simon's Town - Part 3

SA Naval Museum

The SAS Assegaai - S99 is one of three French submarines acquired between 1970 - 1972. These were the first submarines to serve in the South African Navy. The SAS Assegaai (assegaai is the Afrikaans word for 'spear') was finally decommissioned in 2003. Currently, she is preserved as a floating museum. (The link that I included above is a bit outdated, but the page has good photos and information.)

Our tour guide, Malcolm, had been one of the chefs on board the submarine. He mentioned that food was the main thing that helped break up the monotony of days under water and so a lot was expected of the chef on duty - and the kitchen was tiny! Two chefs worked shifts - while one was on, the other was off - from 4 am to midnight every day. Malcolm was really funny and explained life on the submarine very well.

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Malcolm, our tour guide,
standing beside a torpedo

Jeremiah, Amanda and Samantha
looking at the submarine



The tiny kitchen

The toilet

Robbie took this photo of me and the kids
listening to our tour guide. I brought along
a lollipop for Amanda to keep her busy. 

Robbie took this photo of Jeremiah
while we were walking through the

The Toy Museum

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