Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Simon's Town - Part 1

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Last weekend we visited Simon's Town, a sea-side town near Cape Town. Jeremiah arrived with the train a few days earlier in Kalk Bay, which is close by, and was staying with a friend. He had the pleasure of seeing the view from the train, which runs alongside the water.

On the Road to Simon's Town

We made a quick detour to pick up Jessica, who was staying with her grandma at Angala. Jessica was job shadowing her for a school project. (The kids are in the middle of their school year and it's their winter holiday, not like in the States and elsewhere.)

We continued on our way along the Pniel road to Stellenbosch. From there we drove to Cape Town, beside the water. We stopped at Kalk Bay to pick up Jeremiah and then we drove through Fish Hoek where we visited the Scratch Patch. We had a lot of fun seeing the huge variety of gemstones - polished and unpolished.

The Scratch Patch

Jessica and Samantha

Amanda on a floor covered in gemstones


Amanda choosing gemstones to take home

Daddy and Daughter

Sisters admiring the jewelry

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