Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simplicity – 3

I hope you like the roses from my garden, because you’re going to see them a few more times before I’ve finished this series. At the moment, I’m demonstrating different editing techniques in Picasa 3 using the same image. I said that I would try techniques that I normally wouldn’t use on a picture of mine, but today I’m demonstrating popular editing tools that you might like to use on your favorite photos.

My original photo in Simplicity – 1 was not edited. In this post you can see how I took the “raw” image and gave it more color. I chose the word raw, because in my mind I’m imagining corn on the cob or broccoli before the vegetables have been cooked. Once they’re cooked just right, their color shows more brightly.

Editing a photo is easy. I used Sharpen, Saturation and Vignette in that order. It took me only a few clicks with my mouse and I was done. I love roses no matter what their color and these ones are no exception.

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