Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fresh Mussels at the West Coast

We picked up a bag of fresh mussels with my father-in-law straight from the harbor at Saldanha Bay. We brought the mussels back to my in-laws' beach house at Britannia Bay. There the mussels were cleaned and cooked in two different sauces, a white wine sauce and a curry sauce. They were delicious! We also had good wine to go with them, White Mischief from Vrede en Lust. Amanda was the only one who wouldn't eat them, so she chose to have dinner at her friend's house, which was right next door.

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Father, Son (Jeremiah), and Grandma (Nana)

Cleaned Mussels

Curry Sauce and White Wine Sauce


Nana's focaccia bread

Jessica with her Nana and Papa at the table

White Mischief white wine and delicious mussels



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