Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Karoo Desert Botanical Garden

I took Amanda and a friend of hers to our Botanical Gardens late one afternoon as the sun was beginning to set. The girls loved it. They ran around for about two hours. Amanda knows the paths pretty well. We have such an amazing variety of plants and, if you look closely, I even managed to capture two types of birds in the aloe.

Recently, I let her lead a group of friends on nearby paths while I hid snacks and juice boxes on other paths in and near the little maze. I made sure to count how many items I put down, so that we wouldn't leave anything behind. That was another outing and I shared those photos on Halloween in SA.

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Malachite Sunbird on Aloe

Bokmakierie on Aloe

Tok-Tokkie Beetle
The name “tok-tokkie” is onomatopoeic and refers to the sound these beetles make when they tap their abdomen on the ground. They are flightless beetles.

Bird of Paradise Flower -

Kokerboom / Quiver Tree

The trees are called Kokerboom in Afrikaans and Quiver Tree in English. The bushmen (San people) used the branches to make a quiver (koker) for their arrows.

Kokerboom / Quiver Tree

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