Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Angala Boutique Hotel Franschhoek

On our last day in Franschhoek, we popped in at Angala. My mother-in-law works there part-time in a managerial role and she wanted to show us the new pools that were being put in. Since the pools were still under construction, I didn't take any photos of them, but I did take a couple of photos of the proteas and a neat faucet fountain that seems to float in thin air. The scenery shot above was taken while we were driving on the private farm road to Angala. I'm also including some photos of a post that I did about a year ago during an art workshop weekend at this 5-star boutique hotel.

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Proteas in black and white

The Gardens at Angala

Just over a year ago, Samantha and I were treated to a fabulous art workshop weekend at Angala. Today I'm sharing my favorite photos of that weekend with you.

Sisters: Samantha, Amanda and Jessica

The Views at Angala

Samantha and I enjoyed our morning walks. We had vineyards on one side and forestry on the other, with mountains all around us.


Samantha took this photo of me.

The Art Workshop at Angala

Samantha and I participated in a fun and informative art workshop weekend at Angala. Leonie E. Brown was our instructor. Samantha painted a child portrait of herself and I did a landscape from one of my photos.

Samantha Paints Her Portrait

I Paint My Landscape

Our En Suite Bedroom at Angala

We took early morning showers outside and, surprisingly, we didn't feel the chill in the air under the warm water. We also loved everything about our room, including making coffee and tea in the mornings and evenings.

The Restaurant and Staff at Angala

I saved the best for last. Although, I have to admit, it's almost impossible to beat the idyllic setting with Angala's gorgeous views. But, the excellent care we received at Angala made it that much more enjoyable. The photos speak for themselves.

Thank you to the owners, the staff and my
mother-in-law for a wonderful weekend!


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