Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wildflowers and Horses

Since our laptop was stolen and all of my photos are backed up in one big Google Photos pool, which I still need to sift through, I decided to re-blog an old post. I took these photos in August 2013. We were on a road about 10 minutes from our home outside of Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve, near the Brandwacht mountains. It was springtime in South Africa and the colorful wildflowers were in bloom. I was especially delighted to spot the horses and foal. The sun was shining low enough to add extra effect.

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Amanda and the wildflowers - August 2013

"No eyes that have seen beauty
ever lose their sight." - Jean Toomer

"Keine Augen, die Schönheit gesehen haben
jemals verlieren ihr Augenlicht." - Jean Toomer


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Tina Morley

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