Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cherry Lane in Malmesbury

Samantha spent the week of her 15th birthday at the beach with her best friend, Lisa, and her grandparents. On the day of her birthday, we met them in Malmesbury at a cute coffee and gift shop called Cherry Lane. It was also a halfway meeting point, so that we could pick up the girls and bring them home without having to drive double the distance. I'm so glad we could celebrate her birthday with her grandparents in such a pretty setting.

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Amanda's dress pattern was
similar to the chair cushions


Bird at the fountain

Bird at the fountain

Samantha's 15th Birthday at Cherry Lane

Samantha and Amanda

Samantha and Lisa

The handmade card we gave Samantha.
I bought it at a craft market.

Some of our drinks

Milkshakes in different flavors

Lemon meringue

Samantha ordered a red velvet cake
and a lemonade

On the Drive Back Home

New pylons going up

Wind turbines

Mountains and vineyards

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Tina Morley

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