Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming in the New Year of 2015!

We counted down the New Year at the Waterfront in Cape Town. Two of our kids went with us and two of our kids stayed a few extra days at the beach with my in-laws. I'll be sharing photos of the West Coast soon.

Tina (that's me), Jeremiah and Samantha
(Hubby took the photo)

Samantha and Me
Here we are taking a break from the crowds.
(Hubby also took this photo)

Happy New Year 2015!
with Fireworks and live music
at the Waterfront

Happy New Year 2015!
Ein frohes Neues Jahr!

We enjoyed a glass of
sparkling wine with breakfast.

Hubby pouring the bubbly

Cheers! Zum Wohl! Tina and Robbie
(Samantha took this photo)

All original photographs by Tina Morley unless stated otherwise. 1camera1mom is mostly in English mit ein bisschen Deutsch.

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