Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cape Town - Part 2

We started going a couple of times a month to Cape Town when our girls began taking ballet lessons last year in October. We had to come up with ways to keep Amanda busy while her sisters were at their lessons.

Last week I shared with you our visit to Burger King and Amanda at the Kids Zone. This week I'm sharing photos of Amanda feeding the birds and squirrels at the Company Gardens. I bought hamster food for this purpose.

(Amanda is not taking ballet, although I would certainly consider it in the future. She is taking fun gym, an introductory course in rhythmic gymnastics, and tennis this year.)

My mother-in-law met us in the Company Gardens. She took Samantha out for lunch and shopping after her lessons. It was her birthday in October 2013. These photos are all from my archives. Click on the images to view them larger.

Table Mountain and the Cape Ballet Centre

The Cape Ballet Centre

Table Mountain

Amanda and Nana

Amanda and Jessica asleep on the way home

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