Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wild Mustangs

Friends of my mom and step-dad are involved in rehabilitating wild or feral mustangs near St. Augustine, Florida. Their names are Ericka and David Savage. They introduced us to three mustangs who had been recently rescued from bad situations and were being rehabilitated so that they could go to their forever homes. They also took us to meet mustangs that they themselves had adopted. Three of my kids even got to ride on the tamest one. It was Amanda's first time on a horse and she loved it.

Ericka with the three rescued mustangs.

Her husband, David, petting a goat.

Amanda walking with the goats.

Mustangs running to see their mamma, Ericka.

A special tattoo to keep track of these beautiful animals.

Amanda on her first horse, a mustang, with David and Ericka.

Jessica on a mustang.

Jessica riding a mustang.

Jeremiah riding a mustang.

Amanda riding a mustang.

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